• A series of articles on eastern European politics on the Norwegian website Minerva  - click here or

- "Tsjekkia ved et veikryss"

- "Det brune Polen"

  • A guide to the Czech Republic on the Norwegian travel website Reiserogferie - click here
  • An article on the tension surrounding the Romani-people on Nye Meninger - "De mistilpassede borgere"
  • Translation: Science news from Eastern Europe for NRK (Norwegian Radio) - click here


  • a comment about the accusations agaist Lech Wałąsa in Dotyk - click here
  • The hidden face of the Czech religiosity in Reportermagazin.cz  -  click here  to read the short version or read the unabridged version here.
  • Making sense of the political storm in Poland in Reportermagazin.cz  - click here to read the short version or read the unabridged version here.
  • An interview in a series of interviews with Czech-based expats in Lidovky.cz  - click here
  • My comment about the perception of the Central and Eastern Europe in Norway for the printed edition of the weekly magazine Echoclick here

Articles in Polish

  1. My blogs, which I openly admit, should be updated way more frequently 
      2.  Translations:
  •  Localisation/translation and promotion of a successful Czech startup, Survio in Norway
  •  Localisation/translation of the popular air travel search engine Whichairline - Whichairline Poland and Whichairline Norway 
  • I've translated a successful Norwegian satirical book "Maybe I can become a dicator. A handbook" by Mikal Hem (the original Norwegian title of the book is "Kanskje jeg kan bli diktator" while the Polish edition is entitled "Jak zostać dyktatorem? Podręcznik dla nowicjuszy") to Polish for the publishing house Smak Słowa