Articles in Norwegian


Truth be told, I no longer identify with a number of claims, conclusions and views in some of my older texts. The rule of thumb #1 is - the older the text, the greater the likelihood of my present self disagreeing with the opinions I held in the past. The rule of thumb #2 - if it it has an air of "liberal consensus" to it, it's outdated.

There is nothing embarrassing about a gradual process of getting mature. The opposite would be embarrassing. Nonetheless, I decided to keep all the texts on my website. They stand as a testimony of my writing skills.

  • A series of articles on eastern European politics on the Norwegian website Minerva:

- "Tsjekkia ved et veikryss"

- "Det brune Polen"

- "Blindpassasjerer"

-"Nykommerens stemme. Polens 10 år i EU"

-"Lynkurs i polsk stammekrig"

-"Demokrati som evig krig"

  • A guide to the Czech Republic on the Norwegian travel website Reiserogferie 
  • An article on the tension surrounding the Romani-people on Nye Meninger