Translations and other works

Here are what I consider the most interesting achievements throughout the last years.

I've translated a best-selling Norwegian satirical book "Maybe I can become a dicator. A handbook" by Mikal Hem for  Polish for the publishing house Smak Słowa. The translation part is what I'm still proud of whereas I'm not sure what I was thinking writing a rather silly political rant of a foreword. We all make mistakes. 

I've localized a number of websites such as the Czech startup Survio in Norway, air travel search engine Whichairline: Whichairline (PL). Whichairline (NO) and Smartsupp (PL).

 An introductory online course in Norwegian in co-operation with the language school Federica.

Det østeuropeiske perspektivet - social and political commentary on the Czech Republic and Poland. Not longer updated by still offering a lot of commentary from 2013-2017.

Multilingual Translations - bits and pieces of various translations. 

Prasa Zagraniczna (Foreign Press) - a site presenting articles and commentry from foreign press, no longer maintained.

Localisation and promotion of one of the best website builders around - Webnode.

A little sample of a Polish translation of "Putin's agents", a book by a Czech investigative reporter Ondřej Kundra.

Managing the customer care department in Webnode.

Translation: Science news from Eastern Europe for NRK (Norwegian Radio). Click here to listen the whole program.